Tactical Table Impresses with Heavy Build and Smooth Results

No single plasma table can handle the burden of too much manufacturing. But, a well-equipped table with the right resources and the right mind can accelerate business. The Tactical plasma table is a detail-oriented laser-embedded table with incredible functionality and deep-rooted quality. The brand has a legacy it must sustain, and it contains supplying the high standards associated for another plasma table iteration.

There are some simple features alongside some more complex ones. Firstly, the table legs have a heavy-duty status. They are adjustable, so they can accommodate different needs. Companies may want to adjust them accordingly for different projects.

The table slats are designed to last longer than the previous iteration. Developers may be able to run over six months with little to no maintenance depending on usage output. Dynatrec cable tracks offer absolutely no friction in production. That keeps the chain smooth and fluid, which makes all the difference when developing small cuts and micro-level edits. The gear box is also designed for zero backlash.

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The end trucks also have the heavy-duty status attached. The end trucks have an X axis design that is fitted with a drive mode motor and the highest-quality bearings currently available. Precision guides will direct the Z axis built into the torch lifter. In short, the two coincide for a rapid functionality and quick editing. The end trucks have the X axis design for added flexibility, and the torch lifter has that swinging Z axis mobility alongside linear grades.

The table also comes fitted with a plasma cutter. Customers can seek out plasma cutting tools to fit their specific needs. NEMA 32 motor drivers can also be upgraded or switched out. The table can accompany proper revisions in its current line of accessories.

Interested customers can take a virtual tour of the Tactical plasma table. Potential buyers can also explore every page of the official website for Tactical CNC. Some basic elements can be found at Tactical, but more can be learned by contacting one of the team members. Detailed full-color brochures and pricing can be sent to a customer’s address and detailed by a team member, respectively.